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Health & Movement offers a holistic approach to understanding pain and dysfunction that aims to address the cause of the problem not just the symptoms.  We acknowledge the importance of movement in the treatment of physical injuries and combine effective osteopathic manual therapy with evidence based active rehabilitation to reduce pain and restore function.  We also aim to support this process from a nutritional perspective by providing dietary recommendations to help facilitate healing and recovery.

Osteopathy is a gentle and effective hands-on approach to healthcare, based on the principle that the way your body moves influences how it functions. Osteopaths are highly skilled health care professionals, fully qualified to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal problems.

At Health and Movement we recognise that everyone is an individual who requires their own unique personal training programme to achieve their goals.   We’ll conduct an initial physical analysis with you and create a tailored program  taking into account your current fitness and any injuries you may have.

Changing how you eat can change your life!  Whether you’re recovering from a physical injury, looking to strengthen your immune system, or trying to support your workouts with the right nutrition, we can help you make the right choices for long-term sustainable health and well-being.


 Are you experiencing ?


Low Back Pain
Neck Pain
Sports Injuries
Shoulder Pain
Postural Problems
Workplace Injuries
Acute/chronic Pain
 If you’re suffering from any of these conditions get in touch with us today!


We are registered with the General Osteopathic Council which means we must follow a strict code of practice and work within guidelines to ensure we are competent and professional. We also work with most major insurance companies.