“I’ve been working with Christian for over nine months now after sustaining a debilitating running injury. Within a week I was out of pain, and back in my running shoes little over a month. He has been instrumental to my recovery and more importantly, to the prevention of future injuries. He is professional, knowledgable and tailored to the individual needs of his clients, using a whole-body approach.  With a combination of osteopathy and training, Christian has helped to become more balanced, feel stronger, and continue to run injury free. What started as therapy has become a vital part of my weekly training and something I’m unwilling to go without.”      

Jenn 39,  Registered Dietician


“I have been training with Christian for over 3 years now. I started because I was trying to get back into training after a back injury and Christian was studying as an osteopath, so he put together a plan that helped strengthen my core. Now I just train to feel better and Christian is great at coming up with programmes that are both challenging and enjoyable. “

Matt 36,  Project Manager











“I first visited Christian when I had a problem with my upper back. He fixed it in two or three visits. I then decided to see him every few weeks for maintenance. His mix of massage, joint flexibility and strengthening exercise has had a very beneficial effect on my body and given me a great sense of physical well-being. Thank you, Christian.”

Judith,  72, Retired Teacher And Exercise Instructor


“Christian’s treatment encompasses more than just what happens in the treatment room.  His diagnosis of what I called a shoulder problem went deeper and his clever questioning made me think about posture, sleeping, walking and sitting. Small changes he recommended as well as exercises that I can fit in as a busy working mum along with his hands on treatment are working for me!


Melanie,  53 Foreign Exchange Dealer











“I’ve been working with Christian for about a year – six months of which were geared toward increasing my running performance for a spring race, and the last two toward my ultimate goal of increasing my strength. I couldn’t be happier of how far I’ve come in just two short months and owe it all to Christian. I could barely deadlift 60kg when we started and balked at the weekly weight increases but surprisingly enough I could feel myself getting stronger with each week and being able to do whatever Christian threw at me and I look forward to seeing what else I can achieve.  Whatever your fitness goals are whether it’s weight loss, strength training, preventing/treating injuries I couldn’t recommend Christian enough. He can and will help you achieve your goals.”

Kathy Anderson 40, Full Time Mother